Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The last of my internship is in Slawi. Okay, before I explain about Slawi, I will tell you that I'm in my last year of Medical students clerkship rotation and the last cycle was ophthalmology. Slawi is a small city located in Central Java southern from Tegal. It's about 6 hours from Jakarta and about 360 Km far away from Jakarta.

There are lot of food here for the example :
1. Lontong Ibu Enny (near PLN)
2. Ikan Bakar, Nasi Bakar and other seafood
3. Bakmi Tebet
4.Story Cafe (if you like juice,roti panggang, etc)
5. Bebek panggang
The temperature is not too hot because the location is beneath Slamet Mountain. It always rain everyday in the evening.

This is "Menara Slawi"

This is "Tahu Slawi"

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