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Ovutest Scope, A Tool to determine the fertile period


Confused to determine when the right time to get in touch baby? Opportunities for greater fertilization at the time of ovulation when ovulation occurs due to the release of the egg. Fertile period is the period of the menstrual cycle that occurs every month, where each menstrual woman will spend 1 mature egg that is ready to be fertilized by the sperm, where the woman during intercourse and the sperm successfully fertilize the egg there will be a pregnancy.
             The menstrual cycle is affected by two types of hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. Both types of these hormones play a role in determining the fertile period. The Women's sign with ovulation are as follows:

1. Changes in cervical mucous
    The fertile period, the mucosa will become more clear or muddy, slippery, and chewy like raw egg white. Mucosa is usually left in the underwear. You can observe mucus viscosity by putting on pants in it between the thumb and index finger, then two fingers stretched. In the fertile period, the mucus will not be interrupted when you stretch your fingers wide enough.

2. Measure body temperature
    Human basal temperature range 36-37 ° C. When ovulation occurs, the body's natural temperature will increase between 0.4 to 1 36-37 ° C. Rise in basal body temperature occurs when the ovaries release a mature egg cells, the influence of the hormone progesterone. Peak fertile period is 2-3 days before the basal body temperature highs.

3. Stomach cramps
    Before ovulation, increased levels of hormones in the body. One complaint that ovulation is marked on the uterine muscle cramps, which usually occurs in the middle of the range 2 menstrual cycles. Thus, these cramps occur when you are not having periods.

4. Mood changes
    Ahead of ovulation, levels of various reproductive hormones will increase which will affect the emotions. So in your ovulation period will be moody. When the day-to-day in the middle of 2 menstrual cycles, your emotions suddenly volatile, it could be a sign that you are in a fertile period.

5. Increased desire sekusal
     A change in hormone levels that occur when the body prepares eggs to reach maturity, and ready to be released by the ovaries, will create a boost or increase sexual desire. This is natural, as part of the process of pregnancy.

How do you calculate the fertile period?
Fertile period is calculated based on the ovulation occurs on day 14 of the menstrual period to come and minus 2 days. Why minus 2 days? It is against the background that the sperm can survive for up to 48 hours after ejaculation who have entered into the ovaries and plus 2 days because sperm can survive 24 hours after ovulation.

Now it has come ovutest tool-scope to see when you are fertile. This tool uses saliva and works extremely effective, accurate to 98% and do not require a long time to see results. Some of the benefits of these tools are:

1. Ovutest Scope is a test tool most accurate fertile women in Indonesia.
2. Practical work quickly and simply with saliva, the results can be known in a fairly short time (5 minutes).
3. 98% more accurate results.
4. Can be used repeatedly.
5. Help plan the pregnancy and sex of the baby.
6. Helping women who want to plan or postpone pregnancy and pregnancy.
How do I read the results?
1. Infertility period
Fertilization is Not Possible
You will see a random pattern of dots and lines, as well as the picture shows no ovulation happens. Currently, you are NOT FERTILE.
2. Transition period
Possible fertilization with Small Possibilities
Looks small patterns like fern leaves are beginning to emerge in between the points and currently, you are in a period TRANSITION lines. Most likely, ovulation will occur within 3-4 days.
3. fertile period
Fertilization Very Possible
Patterns like fern leaves looked dominant in all specimens. or optimal ovulation has occurred, it is imminent, and fertilization occurs VERY POSSIBLE. This is your most fertile time

reviewed by:
Yoshua Viventius,MD

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